Our Process

Our Process

If you’re interested in a new air conditioning unit, our professional installer will come to your home and discuss your needs face to face and supply you with all the information you need to help you make the right air-conditioning choice for your home and ensure your installation is a breeze. 


The first step in our process is to evaluate your home. A range of factors will be taken into consideration, from the type of home you have, proximity to your neighbours, spaces needing air-conditioning, outdoor unit location, load-bearing walls, if it is a replacement unit, where supports are located and ceiling space. 

We must also evaluate the room size, layout and orientation, how many people are likely to be there, type of roofing insulation, number of stories and any glassed areas. It is important that if you are planning renovations in the future, that you mention this during the evaluation process. Then it is time to choose the perfect air conditioning solution for your needs. We always recommend energy saving air-conditioners as they will save you money in the long run.


There are many things that will affect the prices quoted for installing an air conditioner into your home. Ranging from the type and size of unit, brand, amount of ducting and cables required and accessibility. By minimising the physical space between both units, we’re able to dramatically speed up installation and bring down your installation quote.

Also, in some instances you will need body corporate or council approval to install an air conditioner. Our technician will clarify this for you before you receive the quote.


Always keep in mind that your air conditioning system should only be installed by a licensed professional installer. Licensed installers carry an ARCtick of approval, which means they are qualified to safely handle refrigerant gases. 

At Absolute Cool we have many certified installers who pride themselves on high quality installations and can advise on everything you need to know so that you understand our process. Please see our Installation Process Blog if you’d like to learn more.

If you feel ready to request a quote, contact the team today!