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Having your home air conditioned is a significant investment and is worth maintaining to ensure maximum performance and prolong its life. It’s also important to protect your investment by having your new unit installed by a licensed technician. A 5 year warranty on most residential systems is offered by the Manufacturer. Absolute Cool recommends an annual service to maintain this warranty. Of course different air conditioners require different levels of service dependant on their usage, but in a domestic application one visit per year by an Absolute Cool technician should be all that is necessary as long as you are cleaning the air filters regularly.

To help maintain the efficiency of your system there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Clean air filters regularly (remove filter and wash)
  • Ensure the outside unit is kept free of any obstructions
  • Turn off your air conditioner at the Main power source when you go away on holiday

Keep your house cooler

The most comfortable and energy efficient temperature setting for summer air conditioning is 23℃, dropping a degree or two could turn up the heat on your power bill. Get the most from your air conditioner:

  • Close windows and doors in areas you want to cool. And remember to close blinds and curtains too, it keeps the heat out of your home and makes your air conditioning more efficient.
  • You can save electricity by installing the right sized air conditioner for the space you need to cool. Consult Absolute Cool to ensure your unit has optimum capacity.
  • Choose curtains and blinds with lighter colours and pale linings to keep the ambient temperature of the room down so you may not need to turn your air conditioner on as often.

Absolute Cool recommend preventative maintenance with a Pre-Winter and Pre-Summer service to ensure continued performance of your air conditioning system during the peak seasons. Given that the usage during these months is at an all time high it is good practice to have serviced prior to both of these seasons.


Study comparing new model DAIKIN units to older units have shown savings of 46% on running costs.

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