Design & Installation

Our in-house team design and engineer air conditioning plans based on your project demands. Whether it is a medium or large project, our engineers liaise with the site supervisor/project manager to ensure all facets of the design are implemented to the set specifications. All systems meet guides set by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH).

A properly designed air-conditioning system is the most important factor for a comfortable working environment. Systems that are too big or small will lead to a host of complaints:

  • It’s too loud,
  • It breaks down too often,
  • Some rooms are too hot, some rooms are too cold etc..
  • Air-conditioning running and operating costs also contribute significantly to the energy demands on the building.

Absolute Cool understand that designing the right air-conditioning system can significantly reduce the energy output from the building. All of these factors are considered when designing the air conditioning system and ensuring it operates to the highest standard once installed.


Study comparing new model DAIKIN units to older units have shown savings of 46% on running costs.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Repairs & Services

Our company is reliable, and our work is trusted. We provide worry free service that you can always count on. We have a great team that is willing to go the extra distance to ensure your satisfaction.

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Our Brands

Absolute Cool is one of regional Queensland’s largest Daikin specialist dealers. Absolute Cool is proud to be a major supplier of such a reputable brand in the industry with their reliability, the extensive product range available and the back-up service and support offered keeping them at leading edge. We also supply;

Mitsubishi Electric