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residential solutions

An air conditioned home is comfortable and pleasant and an increasing necessity in modern life. It is also a significant household investment so it’s important you consult with an air conditioning specialist. Let Absolute Cool assist in selecting the right system for your home. We provide the complete service – supply, design and installation of your air conditioner plus service and maintenance support.

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business solutions

We understand the importance of comfort in the workplace. When designing air conditioning systems for business and office environments we consider the control air conditioning has on human productivity as well as human comfort and energy consumption. Absolute Cool provides the best air conditioning solutions for your business.

commercial solutions

Absolute Cool offers sophisticated and innovative designs for commercial air conditioning. From the design through the manufacturing process to installation we work with engineers, site supervisors and builders to deliver a customised system based on your project demands. Absolute Cool provides better system control and safety, modern technologies and operating efficiency.

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Residential Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is an important addition to the home. One of the most important steps we consider is the need for your air conditioning and then matching that to the most effective solution. Is the air conditioning needed for the entire house, or mostly for a single room? Additionally, how often will it be used? If air conditioning is only needed occasionally for a small area, a split-system might be more suitable. On the other hand, if permanent air conditioning is needed for the entire home, a larger ducted solution would be needed.

Absolute Cool can make your home more comfortable installing the right system for your home.

About your home

Choosing the best air conditioner for your home shouldn’t be a confusing or complex process. It’s important that you consider things like your budget, whether you would like both heating and cooling, what performance you are after, running costs, any specific brand preference and also the aesthetics.
We also consider the following factors about your home to determine best system and capacity requirements:
  1. How many rooms do you want to cool or heat?
  2. Is your home weatherboard, brick or other? 
  3. Is your home insulated?
  4. Are windows tinted, double glazed or clear?
  5. What direction do the majority of your windows face?
  6. Are your floors carpeted, tiled, concrete or timber?
  7. How high is the ceiling in the room/house?
  8. Do you have plan or drawing of the room/area you want air conditioned?
  9. What type of roof does your house have?
  10. What is the size and orientation of the rooms to be air conditioned?

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